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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Don’t Chew Dynamite

Many people over the years have noticed the goat chewing a stick of dynamite on Big Thunder Mountain. What many people do not realize is, there have been 132 dynamite chewing goats on Big Thunder Mountain.

The reason for so many goats is simple. Chewing dynamite is dangerous. At first nothing happens but, in time, the protective casing breaks down and then BOOM! It’s time to find a new dynamite chewing goat.

“It’s true we’ve had 132 different goat cast members play that roll. It’s also true that there have been some ‘incidents’ but we take safety very seriously,” stated a Disney spokesman.

When asked why give they give the goat actual dynamite to chew on he responded, “Because he’s a dynamite chewing goat. If we didn’t give him dynamite he’d just being chewing a plastic stick!”

It’s hard to comprehend such stupefying logic but the spokesman when on to say, “No humans have ever been injured in a dynamite explosion. You also have to remember that the goats are thrill seekers. They enjoy chewing dynamite.”

When asked how he knew goats were thrill seekers he responded, “Because they climb mountains and chew dynamite!”

The spokesman refused our request for him to undergo an IQ test.

One thing that is being considered is having future goats wear a football helmet. Apparently someone at Disney feels that will protect them from exploding dynamite.

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