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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Donald Duck Involved in Armed Stand Off

Disney fan favorite Donald Duck was recently involved in an armed standoff at his boat in Mickey’s Toon Town Fair.

Disney security was called to Mickey’s Toon Town Fair last Friday morning after a report of a “heavily intoxicated” Duck who was “up to all kinds of shenanigans.” When security arrived they found Daisy Duck in a yelling match with Donald Duck. The situation quickly escalated when Donald ran inside after spotting the security cast members.

“Mr. Duck barricaded himself inside his boat at which time Ms. Duck informed us that Donald was intoxicated and armed to the teeth,” stated Disney’s SWAT team leader Grumpy Dwarf.

Through out the stand off police found out that Donald was upset because of an eviction notice he received. His boat is to be demolished as part of the Fantasy Land expansion.

After hours of trying to reason with Donald they decided to gas him out of the boat. A squad car was sent over to Tomorrow Land to pick up Stitch. Stitch arrived on the scene, belted out a huge chili dog burp, and within two minutes Donald fled the confines of the boat. Unfortunately the wind was blowing in the wrong direction and a majority of SWAT team and hundreds of guests became sick from the stench of Stitch’s burp.

Once the location was secure, security was able to search the boat. They found two bazooka’s, a M16 assault rifle, a dozen hand grenades, back issues of “Ducks and Guns Quarterly,” countless bags of beef jerky, bottled water, and a voodoo doll in the form of Mickey Mouse.

Donald is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation and charges are pending the outcome.

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