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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkeys Invade the Swiss Family Tree House

A number of escaped monkeys from a local zoo have turned up in the Magic Kingdom.

Last month a group of monkeys escaped when a zoo keeper left their pen unlocked. The monkeys were thought to have disappeared into the forests outside of Orlando. However, last week the monkeys appeared in the Swiss Family Tree House in the Magic Kingdom.

“This is great!” exclaimed a cast member, “The monkeys are drawing huge crowds to the Tree House. We haven’t seen this many people checking out this attraction in decades.”

“It’s funny. Half of the park guests don’t know the Swiss Family story but they love this attraction. Most of them think Swiss Family Robinson is story about a family of monkeys. I’m not even going to try and explain it them,” stated long time Disney employee Daisy Duck.

The response to the monkeys has been impressive. To capitalize on crowds Disney has released a new series of monkey pins, t-shirts, and hats. Disney has also setup a banana cart near the entrance of the Tree House so guests can feed the monkeys.

“There has been one drawback to the monkey infestation. We’ve had to assign a cast member to the attraction full time. Someone has to clean up the monkey poo. It’s a seriously slip hazard,” explains a supervisor in Adventure Land.

Instead of waste the waste Disney has been shipping the monkey poo over to their Horticultural Department to be used as fertilizer.

“Hey they just took advantage of a crappy situation,” explains one of the birds from the Tiki Room. “I was afraid they’d pile the stuff over here. It’s not like anyone would really be able to tell the difference. Our show stinks.”

It’s unknown if the zoo that lost the monkeys will attempt to capture them or if Disney will broker a deal to keep the monkeys. Only time will tell.

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