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Monday, August 2, 2010

Grand Theft Mickey

In response to complaints that “Epic Mickey” was toned down and not as dark as originally planed, Disney announced last week that they are working on a new video game featuring Mickey Mouse.

“Grand Theft Mickey” will take place in a sandbox version of Disney World. The sandbox will similar in scope to the worlds found in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption video games.

The story starts with Mickey finding out that Donald Duck has kidnapped Minnie and is holding her for ransom. Instead of paying the ransom, Mickey goes on an epic rampage throughout Disney World while trying to locate Donald.

Throughout the story Mickey has to enlist other classic characters to help him in his quest. He’ll do this by doing various tasks and quests for the characters. In one case, to enlist the aide of Goofy, Mickey has to “handle” a number of people who have been making fun of Goofy. These people turn out of be the Seven Dwarfs who you hunt down one by one. You are given the choice to either beat up the dwarfs, accept a bribe from them and take “proof” you’ve “taken care” of them, or capture them alive and return them to Goofy who will then imprison them in his jail until they decide to stop making fun of him.

Like most typically sandbox games there will also be numerous mini-games and random events throughout the world. Some of the mini games include: Monorail Driving, Bus Driver, Ride Photo Screening, “It’s a Small World” Target Practice, A photography game where you capture certain guest events (like a child melting down) and landmarks, and a fireworks game.

There is also a morals system built into the game. It’s not your typical moral system. Your actions either make you a Fan Favorite or a Disney Villain. There is second area that is tracked to determine how much you influence others. For example, if you choose to beat up the dwarfs you remain neutral in the FF or DV area but you become more influential. If you take the bribe you become more of a DV but do not gain any influence. If you return the dwarfs to Goofy you become more of a FF but do not gain any influence.

Your standing as an FF or DV determines who you can enlist to help you. If you are a FF you can enlist Goofy, Pluto, Peter Pan, and other popular characters. If you are a DV you can enlist Ursula, The Witch, Captain Barbosa, and other classic Disney Villains.

Your influence level determines how people react to you. If your influence is low people will not believe what you say or they won’t want to help you. With a high influence people respect you, believe everything you say, and will help you without any questioning.

There is a rather high level of violence in the game. However, you cannot kill guests or cast members (but you can beat them up and take their loot thereby sending them to first aid). You cannot “kill” characters either but injuring them requires them to be send to the animation department to be redrawn or to the costume department to be re-stitched.

The game is expected to be out for the holiday season and be released on all the major consoles. Early estimates are showing that Grand Theft Mickey could be a mega hit.

(If you didn’t figure it out by now this is a fake news report. However, I’d love to see this game. If you want it, complain to Disney. Maybe we’ll get lucky.)

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