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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disney Announces Plan to Get Boys into Fantasy Land

A few weeks ago it was announced that the Fantasy Land Expansion was being adjusted so boys would be attracted to the land and not just little girls who love princesses. At the time it was not announced what would be introduced to accomplish this feat but some details have started to leak out.

According to an unnamed inside source (Dopey Dwarf), a new stall is being built inside fantasy land. The new stall will rent paint ball equipment. Each paint ball gun will come with a laser scope, score card, camera mounted helmet / face shield.

The score cards have a list of bounties to be collected. Anyone who racks up 1000 points worth of bounties receives a special prize. All of the bounties are Fantasy Land related. Here are some of the bounties:

Shoot anyone dressed as Cinderella: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Belle: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Jasmine: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Ariel: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Aurora: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Tiana: 50 points

Shoot anyone dressed as Snow White: 50 points

Shoot any adult dressed as a princess: 100 points

Shoot Belle in the backside: 200 points

Shoot Cinderella in the glass slipper: 500 points

Shoot the tiara off any princess: 300 points

Shoot two different princesses in less than 10 seconds: 200 points

Shoot Peter Pan: 100 points

Shoot Tinker Belle: 100 points

Shoot any member of the 100 Acre Wood: 100 points

Shoot the tail off Eyeore: 500 points

Shoot any princess while they are posing for a picture: 200 points.

The camera mounted on the helmet is activated each time you pull the trigger to capture evidence of your bounties so no one can cheat.

The booth is expected to be a big hit. Rentals start at $50 for the basic package and go up to $300. The $300 package also includes a tee shirt you can take home and a DVD of your exploits.

The booth should be up and running when the rest of the Fantasy Land Expansion opens.

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