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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Bought Another Hat

My string of pointless hat purchases continued on my last trip to the world. I did a post about a year ago about my history of hat buying in WDW. If you read that post you know that I almost never wear hats and don’t really like hats but for some reason I always end up buying a hat on my Disney World vacations.

So what did I end up with this time? I have to say this is the first hat I bought because I fell in love with it. It was in Spanish. I don’t speak or read Spanish but I knew what it said. To make sure it said what I thought it did I ran over to my wife and asked her to translate.

The hat is orange and brown. It has the monorail on it. It also says “Please Stand Clear of the Doors” in Spanish. I don’t think I need to explain why I bought this. Any hardcore WDW dork knows why.

One thing about this hat that stands out is the fact that you have to explain it to about 99.9% of people you meet. All of the other Disney hats I’ve bought explain themselves. This one is so obscure, people have no idea why you are wearing it. After you explain it they still have no idea why you are wearing it.

I can’t imagine I’ll ever buy another Disney hat. Then again I say that after every trip.

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