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Monday, May 17, 2010

San Angel Inn: One Hit Wonder?

My wife and I ate at the San Angel Inn in December of 2008. In March of 2010 we went back. Was it as good as before? Did it change?

I’ll start by saying – Don’t listen to Hoochberg! He’s a Mexican food snoob. The San Angel Inn is still very good. It may have even gotten better since we were last there. I’m not going to go into details of everything in this review. I’m only going to cover anything that is different. If you want an in depth overview, check out my last review of this restaurant.

Food: I ordered the Conchinita Pibil. I loved it. I can’t get anything like it around my house. It’s slowly cooked shredded pork marinated with achiote seeds, beer, garlic, red onions, and orange juice. I wish I wasn’t on a diet now because just thinking of it is making me hungry.

Drinks: They had so many drinks that sounded good it was a hard choice. I ended up picking a Fiesta Margarita. I didn’t know what that was but I was in a festive mood. It turned out to be a mix of all the other margaritas. If you can’t decide this is the one for you!

Service: The service was very good and fast. You can’t complain with the service they provided.

Cost: For Mexican it’s expensive but when you consider the atmosphere and the fact that it’s located in a theme park, the prices are not bad at all.

Overall the San Angel Inn did it again. It’ll once again be on our list the next time we go. Only two other restaurants have made a bid for a threepeat and when you consider the number of restaurants in Disney, that’s saying a lot.

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