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Monday, April 26, 2010

Review:’s “Lines” In Action

Before I went on vacation I did a review of touringplans’s app “Lines.” The review was based on Lines as a planning tool. How does Lines hold up in action?

The most useful part of lines is the user submitted wait times. They tend to be more accurate than the applications estimated times. The estimated times are close to reality if everything falls in line. However, the estimates don’t factor in weather or other unexpected events. One day in the Animal Kingdom it rained and the crowds were non-existent. Lines wasn’t even close on that day. A few other days it was insanely cold which also redirected a good chunk of the crowds. Again Lines was off. On the other days it was much closer. Lines also lets you see what’s going on at the other parks which is great if the park you are in is crazy busy.

One fun aspect of Lines is the badges. You get badges for submitting rides a set number of times or for other tasks. I’m not going to list all of the badges because I want people to find them on their own. I few caught me off guard. A couple I will mention are submitting a wait time during extra magic hours (both morning and night) and submitting during the first hour a park is open and the last hour a park is open. I ended up with 20 badges by the end of my vacation. You also get ranked depending on how many times you have submitted. I ended up being an “Unofficial Chief Collector.”

There is also a chat feature in Lines. This is actually useful. You can get real time answers on your questions. I’m sure it wasn’t designed for that but it works. Post a question and you’ll get an answer in no time.

Overall Lines is a great app. Everyone should use it…actually no that would be bad. If everyone used it the wait times in Disney would be all out of whack. Maybe a few people should use it.

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