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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tusker House Review

It was a cold rainy day when my wife and I rolled into Tusker House. Neither of us had eaten there before. My wife hates buffets but was glad to be somewhere warm. I don’t mind a good buffet but I wasn’t sure if Tusker House would fit the bill. So how did it stack up?

Food: The food at tusker house is good. You get a nice selection and the food is varied. You can do cold cuts, carved meats, and a variety of other dishes. There were a few items that were bad but there were enough good ones to make up for them. One that really stands out is the fired plantains. I’ve eaten a decent amount of plantains. I know that they should not taste like bananas. If you want something that tastes like bananas you’ll just eat bananas. The fried plantains were disgustingly sweet. Plantains should be savory not sweet. They were not edible.

Atmosphere: For an open buffet it was not as loud as I was expecting. It was nothing compared to Kouzzina. The decorations were nice and gave everything a festive, lively feel. The tables and seats were a wooden which fit perfectly into the theme.

Service: The serve was ok. You don’t expect much. They come over and take your drink order and take your plates away. They did that well. We always had enough to drink and as soon as we went back the old plates disappeared. For a buffet that’s decent service.

Price: The price is ok. It’s a theme park restaurant so you know you are going to pay through the nose to begin with. There are better dining deals to be had in Disney World but Tusker House is not outrageous.

Overall Tusker House is a decent theme park restaurant that is worth trying a few times.

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