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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Le Cellier: Does It Match the Hype?

People rave about Le Cellier. You’d think Le Cellier was the greatest restaurant on Earth if you believed half the things you hear about it. My wife and I hit for lunch to find out if Le Cellier could live up to the hype.

Food: The food at Le Cellier is good. The breadsticks are amazing and the pretzel bread lives up to expectations. The chedder cheese soup good but I was surprised by how thick it was. It is a very thick soup. It will fill you up. The steaks are good and cooked correctly. The salads are decent too. The deserts are good. My wife got the Maple Crème Brulee. My wife said it was good but I’m not a big fan of Crème Brulee so I can’t really comment on it. One of the things my wife liked about it was the top. It was cooked right and was crunchy.

Atmosphere: The dark wood beams and other accents make it feel like you are really in a cellar. For some people that might not be a good thing but if you like the idea of being in a wine cellar you’ll like it. Another good thing about the atmosphere is that it tends to be quite. That’s always nice when you are dining.

Service: The service was top notch. You will have a hard time finding better service than the service at Le Cellier. They are attentive, informative, and know their stuff.

Price: Le Cellier is expensive. It’s very expensive. I’m not talking California Grill expensive but I will say that it is the most expensive one table service credit in Disney World. If you are on the dining plan you will make out like a bandit here. If you are paying out of pocket and do not have Tables in Wonderland you will hurt when you see the bill.

Notes: I want to know something. Why would you bring a kid to Le Cellier who is going to order mac and cheese? What a waste. I only bring this up because a table behind us did that. I understand the parents want to eat in a nice restaurant but let your kids eat the bread and then grab them something at a quick service or a snack stand. It will be much cheaper and I bet the kid would enjoy it more.

Overall Le Cellier meets the hype but just barely. I wasn’t impressed it just met my expectations. I would not list it on my must do list but I would go back.

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