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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Disney Did Something Smart?!?

I often slam Disney for making really dumb decisions that seem to go against common sense. I also tease them because their business decisions seem totally backwards at times.

Today I'm going to give Disney credit. I know. I'll give you a minute to let that sink in.

I'm giving Disney credit for Summer Nightastic. Finally they did something that seems to make sense. Instead of blowing a ton of money, coming up with some insane idea, or annoying a lot of their fans Disney did it right this time. By bringing back a fan favroite parade and new fireworks they made small adjustments that could draw some people into the parks.

The whole idea of Summer Nightastic is great. Try to keep people in the parks longer. That's a brilliant idea. By keeping them in the parks longer you greatly increase the chance that they will spend money in the park. It also makes a lot of sense to expand the hours at all of the parks and add little perks at most of them to get people to go.

I have to admit I hate the idea of updated the Tower of Terror when so many other rides need help but some people are excited about it. That could get those people into the parks.

Will Summer Nightastic get me into the parks? No. You couldn't pay me to go to Florida in the summer. Ugh, I sweat just thinking about it.

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