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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

D23 Gets An Update

What a surprise Disney added a new level of membership to D23. I wonder where they could have gotten a novel idea like that? (see my post "How to Fix D23"). The new level is called silver and is $40 cheaper than the traditional "gold" membership. The only difference between the two levels is only gold members get the magazine. At least that's the only difference that has been revealed. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney makes some of the special events open only to gold members.

Is the magazine worth $40? For some people it might be. It's not your typical magazine. It's a monster. It's about 50% larger. It's about the size of a normal art book. For others the idea of paying that much for any magazine is insane and I tend to agree with them.

In my opinion D23 is still broken and could be greatly improved (greatly improving profits in the process) but until Disney hires me to fix it I don't think we're going to see a really good D23 anytime soon.

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