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Monday, December 21, 2009

Awful Weather Predicted for the First Week in March

Although months away many meteorologists are predicting a massive storm to hit the Orland are starting around March 4th 2010. The storm is expected to last a specific period of time.

“Based on historical data we are almost 100% sure a major storm will hit the area. The historical data being the fact that bad weather follows Mike Scopa around. It seems like every time he shows up a major storm hits the area. We also the storm will end when Mr. Scopa leaves the area,” stated head forecaster for Disney World, Mayor of Main Street USA.

“We also have some other concerns. In first week of December 2008 a massive ice storm hit the New England area. In the first week of December 2007 a snow storm hit the New England area. In both cases the Cousin Mickey Doesn’t Talk About was on vacation. This is a major concern because he’ll be in Disney World the first week of March 2010,” the mayor continued.

Both New England and Orlando are warned to prepare for the worst. The first week in March could be historic for the entire east coast.

However some feel that there is reason to hope everything will be ok. Professor Bunsen Honeydew explained “Both Mr. Scopa and The Cousin Mickey Doesn’t Talk About live in NH. The awful weather seems to hit when only one of them leaves the area. When both are leaving and heading to the same destination within a week of each other I feel the weather will remain stable. I have nothing to base this on but I’m a professor so I must be right.”

An unnamed weather expert explained why he feels Professor Honeydew is sorely mistaken. “Yes they both live in NH but you have to remember what NH is known for. It’s called the granite state. All that Granite neutralizes the affect of those two men. If there was no granite NH would implode. By allowing both of them to go to Orlando at the same time you are allowing Orlando to be destroyed!”

Weather you agree with Professor Honeydew or the crazy weather guy you’d best be prepared for anything to happen the first week of March in Disney World. The neutral forecasters are saying the weather will be between 45 and 85 with a 50% chance of clouds and a 50% chance of rain everyday.

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