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Friday, February 20, 2009

Mmmmm…Tonga Toast….

From time to time I eat so much I think my stomach will burst. Normally it’s because I’m eating something that’s so good you can’t stop. The last time I ate like that was at the Kona Café. My wife and I went there for breakfast on our last trip. I’d never eaten there before so I just went with the waiter’s recommendation – the Tonga Toast. If you don’t know what Tonga Toast is, go to and book a trip to Disney, make an ADR at the Kona Café in the Polynesian, and order it. I’m not going to spoil it for you. It’s insane, it’s huge, and if you eat the whole thing you’ll need to lie down for a while.

I might not be remembering this correctly but I think it was the size of my head. It was the perfect texture. It was yummy. It makes up for the bland decorations at the Kona Café. The Polynesian is amazing but the café is kind of bland in comparison. The service was decent and it didn’t seem rushed which can easily happen with a breakfast service.

Other than the Tonga Toast the most memorable thing about our breakfast was a family sitting across from us. Were they a cute family? No. Were they an ugly family? No. Did they stink? No. Then why did they stand out? Dysfunction! The Kona Café doesn’t have any entertainment but we were well entertained through our meal. It was a rather large group. I’d say about ten people total. Most of the people were fine and seemed to enjoy their breakfast. The son and the father were another story. I don’t know what transpired before they arrived at the Kona Café but whatever it was it hit its boiling point once they sat down and got their menus. Seemingly out of the blue the father started yelling at his son and told him “If you don’t pick something you’re not going on any rides!” He then continued on berating his son stating how selfish he was. His rant ran for at least two minutes. That might not sound long but when you’re a witness of it, it seems like an eternity. It’s bad enough when you get ripped into in private. To get ripped into in front of your whole family and about fifty strangers is just awful. If the kid had a rock, he would have climbed under it.

Overall the Kona Café was great. It was the best breakfast we had on our trip. The food was good, the service was good, and the entertainment was great!

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