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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Where Are the Books?

Fair Weather, Beast, and Camden Lock were announced over a year ago, so where are they?

Well, Fair Weather is about 30% done.  It's been 30% for almost a year.  Does that mean I've got a killer case of writers block?

It depends on how you define it.  Most of the time writers block means someone wants to write, but can't.  They are stuck and don't know how to go forward.  That's not the case with me.  I know what I'm going to write, I just don't care.

I wouldn't go as far as to say I've given up, but I have no desire or motivation to write.  Quite a few factors went into this.

After three years, I have been unable to find even an agent, never mind a publisher.  I have been able to find out fifty rejection letters.  Those are always fun.   On top of that, the editor I had, moved on.  Add that to no little to no positive feedback, and you lose motivation.

Again, this is not really writers block.  I have outlines for the following ready to go, if I ever get some motivation to do so.

Fair Weather - The Woman In White Book One - Featuring Fidel Hernandez and Tina Black.

Beast - The Woman In White Book Two - Featuring Justin Yensid and Hawk.

Camden Lock - The Woman In White Book Three - Featuring  the return of Eric and Jose.

The Depths - Featuring two characters first introduced in Fair Weather.

The Russian - An Agent 23 Novel

The West Wind Blows - A History of Survival in the White Mountains (Non-Fiction)  (writing started)

The Friend - A Novel (writing started)

So I've got outlines for seven more books.  Now all I need is motivation.

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