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Saturday, May 16, 2015

No More Books?

If you've tried to find my author page and failed, there is a reason for that.  All of my books have been taken down.  This means one of three things:

1. I finally gave up (possible)

2. Disney sued me (unlikely)

3. I got a new editor.

It's number three.  As many of you know, my books (excluding Around the World) were in terrible shape and desperately needed a good edit.  Thankfully I found someone who should be put up for sainthood.  She's blasting through World Killer and, holy crap did she ever find a ton of issues.  That's one of the reason I pulled the books.  I had no idea how bad they were, until she ripped through World Killer.

When some of the books return (some will never see the light of day again) they should be in much better shape.   I can't guarantee that all the novels will be back.  I have no idea how kind my new editor will be.

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