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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Photo of the Week: The Gulf of Mexico

Often when we hear about the Gulf of Mexico, you think of a nice, warm location.  The truth is, it can be, but it all depends what part you are in.  The Gulf of Mexico can also be a rather depressing place.

This photo was taken about a day from New Orleans.  What people don't realize is, when you go down the Mississippi, the last hundred miles is almost non-stop industry.  A big chunk of that industry is oil.

Once you exit the Mississippi you see non-stop oil platforms.  For hundreds of miles, you see oil platforms.  The above photo shows one tiny section of the horizon.  You can see a number of oil platforms.   If this was a 360 degree photo, you'd see dozens of platforms.

When we hear about oil platforms, we sometimes think that there are a dozen or so.  In reality, there are hundreds.  If you ever cruise out of New Orleans, you'll see this for yourself.

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