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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Disney Book Update

A lot has gone down since I last did a book update.  Here is the current status of all my books and what's in the cooker.

1 - Twisted Disney - A book for the hardcore Deek only.  This book of satire is borderline insane.  It's available in ebook and paperback,

2 - CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World - The alternative Disney guide book.  This book was designed to compliment most other guidebooks.  It's available in ebook and paperback

3 - "World" Killer - The first book in the DW Mysteries.  In many ways this is the darkest book in the serious.  It lays the foundation for the next two books and The Advocates.  It's available in ebook and paperback.

4 - Around the "World" - Book two of the DW Mysteries.  This book is bigger, better, and more exciting that the first book in the series.  It's available in ebook and paperback.  It has the best editing out of the four books available in paperback, it has the best editing.

5 - Imagineered Death - The unpredictable end to the DW Mysteries.  Out of the three books in the DW Mysteries, this one is the most dynamic.  It's currently available in draft form and is being edited by my editor.  Right now, it's ebook only.

6 - Nemesis - Book one of The Advocates.  After the shocking end to Imagineered Death, Nemesis hits the ground running and doesn't stop until part of Disney World explodes (literally).  It's currently in draft form.  Right now, it's ebook only.

7 - The Shoals - Book two of The Advocates is less a mystery and more a thriller / adventure.   This is my personal favorite.  It has a major twist at the end.  It's currently in draft form.  Right now, it's ebook only.

8 - Sojourn - Book three of The Advocates and the final book in the main story line.  It's currently in draft form.  Right now, it's ebook only.

9 - Titan One - I take on sci-fi in this book.  It's the first book in The Unity series.   As a warning, if you have not read my other books, you will not understand the abrupt ending to this book.  It's currently in draft form.  Right now, it's ebook only.

10 - The Harvesters - Book two in The Unity series.  This book takes the massive universe "Titan One" created and takes it to the next level.  The first draft is about 50% complete.

11 - Yukon Rush - A spin off of the DW Mysteries - This book revolves around a vacation Fidel Hernandez and Tina Black take.  That vacation spins into chaos when they stumble onto what appears to be a random killing.  This might get written someday.

12 - Beast - A spin off of The Advocates (Nemesis to be exact) - This book focuses on a string of strange killings near Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Hawk and Justin Yensid try to figure out if a strange monster is on the loose, or if something more sinister is going on.  If I ever write Yukon Rush, I might write this book.

That's all of them for now.   You can find all of the available ones here.

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