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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting to New Orleans From the Louis Armstrong International Airport

There are a couple of options for transferring from the Louis Armstrong International Airport to New Orleans.   Most hotels do not offer a shuttle service, which is somewhat annoying when you consider that you find that service in most major cities.  Seriously, even Disney World offers that service and it is not even close to the airport.

If you need to get to your hotel and do not want to rent a car, here are your options:


If you do a Google Search on this subject, you will quickly find a shuttle service.   They offer transfers to area hotels for a flat fee per person.  On the surface, this sounds like a nice solution.   It is a little costly.  The fee runs about $$$ per person.  That can get very expensive when you are dealing with a family.

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll also notice that these shuttle services have booths setup inside the baggage claim area.   

Beyond the cost, these companies typically offered a shared ride, so it could take quite a while to reach your destination.


Uber does offer service to the airport.  There is one massive drawback.  Due to a foolish amount of red tape and restrictions, they are considered a “town car” service and treated like a limo.  That means they have to charge $90 a pop.   My guess is that you would not even consider that.  It’s foolish expensive.


This is a rare case when the classic taxi service comes out on top.   They have their fees clearly posted, accept credit cards, and it’s reasonable.   In fact, it’s not just reasonable, it’s by far the cheapest option.   

A taxi will run you $33 plus tip for up to two people.  You can add two or even three more passengers (they use mini vans) for an additional $14 per person.  Without a doubt this is fastest and cheapest option for getting to your hotel in New Orleans.

One trick you will notice.  Going from the airport to the city, they will often run the meter in hopes that the traffic pushes the bill over $33.   Going from the city to the airport, they often will avoid the meter.  They want to leave you happy.

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