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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Around the "World" Has Been Released!

Well this one seemed to take forever.  Almost one year after I finished the first draft, Around the "World" has been released on Kindle.

You can get it here.

It will be available in paperback in the next week or so.  The paperback is not going to be the best option.  Because of the size of the book, it costs 19.99.  That sounds foolishly expensive, but I actually make the same on that 19.99 as I do on the 3.99 eBook.  Since I have a small volume, I can't get a good rate on printing.

The other books are coming along.  Imagineered Death is with one of the editors.  Nemesis and The Shoals are queued up for editing.  The second draft of Sojourn is almost done as well.

The early reviews I received on Around the "World" were positive.  Most people who read the book said it was much better than "World" Killer.  I don't know if that means "World" Killer was that bad, or if Around the "World" is that good.

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