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Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Books Coming Soon!

I finally have an update in regards to the squeal to "World" Killer.

Around the "World" (The DW Mysteries Book Two) -  It's being edited now.  I found a new editor who was willing sign on.  I'm hoping it will be done sometime in June.  It should be released within a few days after editing is completed.

Imagineered Death (The DW Mysteries Book Three) - It's being edited now.  My normal editor is currently working on it.  I hope to have it in hand sometime in September or October.

Nemesis (The Advocates - Book One) - Principle writing has been completed!  At this point I don't know who will edit this book.  My guess is, whichever editor finishes their book first, is going to get this one.

I've received some feedback on the rough drafts of Around the "World" and Imagineered Death.

Around the "World" is a great step up from "World" Killer.  "World" Killer laid the foundation and Around the "World" really takes off with the story and characters.

Imagineered Death had the best results by far.  I was worried about this one because it takes a bold path.  I thought that might alienate some people.  It actually did the opposite.  It seemed addict the reader instead.

No one has read Nemesis yet.  That book is going to irk some people, but in a good way :-)

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