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Monday, February 3, 2014


I've been slacking really bad in regards to this blog.  I am going to be giving it more attention in the next few months since Around the World has made it to the editing stage.  I won't be starting Imagineered Death until Around the World has been released so that gives me a little time.

Here are a few things and changes coming to the blog:
1 - Review of the Crystal Caves in Bermuda

2 - Overall review of Royal Caribbean.

3 - Photo of the Week will no longer focus on Disney.  The main reason for this is simple.  I haven't been to Disney in years and have no plans to return.

4 - This change already happened but, this blog is now focused on travel.  It's secondary focus is Disney in general followed by Disney World.

5 - Some Vegas stuff will start showing up in about a month.  I know there will be a review of Aureole.  There might be a few other tidbits too.  Don't expect too much.  I hate Vegas.  I don't go there for pleasure.

6 - Re-release of World Killer.  It's 55% of the way through a massive grammar overhaul. It will also have a slightly different cover.

7 - Re-release of Twisted Disney. Massive grammar overhaul and a very different cover.

8 - Re-release of CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World.  Massive grammar overhaul.

9 - Release of Around the World.

10 - Imagineered Death kickoff.

11 - The announcement of the fourth and final book in the DW mysteries.

That's it for now.  I'm hoping World Killer is ready for re-release by the end of the month.  It all depends on my editor.

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