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Friday, January 31, 2014

1st Draft of Around the "World" Is Complete

The first draft of Around the "World" (the sequel to "World" Killer) is complete.  However, it will not be released anytime soon.


Let me put it this way.  My editor is currently cleaning up "World" Killer.  After that Twisted Disney is getting a, desperately needed, overhaul.  After Twisted Disney is done, CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World is getting updated.  Granted, Twisted Disney and the Pictorial Guide will go much faster than World Killer.

I can say this.  World Killer was a fast read. It came in at around 63,500 words which is roughly a 250 page book.  Around the World is bigger in everyway.  The first draft came in at 91,500 words and that's after I bumped two events to the next book.

The story in World Killer was dark, and did not end on a happy note.  Around the World picks up the story a year later.  As you read, you will find out what happened to everyone from the first book.

I'm hoping that by the fall it will be fully edited and ready for release.

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