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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World Now Available On Kindle

I finally cracked down and finished off the Pictorial Guide to Disney World.  It comes in  around 136 pages.  

So yo might ask why write another Walt Disney World guide book?

There are a few reasons. The first one is simple. No one has written a pictorial guide book that prepares you for Disney World. Most guide books give tell you about rides, hotels, and dining locations. A few guide books have a picture or two. None of them really drive it home. My goal with this guide book is to make you relive your vacation or be prepared for what you will face.
The reason I want to prepare people is so they will enjoy their vacations. Nothing is worse than showing up somewhere just to find out it’s not what you expected. I’ve seen that first hand in the parks over the years. I’ve seen a lot of people who spent a lot of money and ended up miserable.

You can get the guide book here.


  1. I really liked your book. Just went to leave you a review on amazon, but it's gone! It's a great book because it gives different info than other books. Thanks for writing an excellent prep guide for WDW!

    1. Thanks! It'll be back soon! I took it down to fix the grammar. Problem was I had my editor focus on World Killer first. Twisted Disney and the Pictorial Guide will take a fraction of the time that World Killer took. Maybe I'll have them drop WK for now and focus on the others.