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Monday, November 11, 2013

Top Ten Videos

I recently posted by 78th video to YouTube.  It amazes me what attracts views and what does not.  I would have figured that the montage videos would have been the most popular.  They are the most entertaining of the 78 videos.

So what are the most popular videos?  Here are the top ten and how many views they've attracted.

#10 Good Jungle Cruise Skipper
Views: 1963
This video is of a Jungle Cruise Skipper who really goes all out to entertain the park guests.  Sometimes he went a little over the top but he did a good job.

#9 Bad Jungle Cruise Skipper
Views: 2215
This video is now private by request.  A cast member currently working on Jungle Cruise that knows the cast member in this video asked that it be removed from the public's eye.  Now the only way you can get to it is through the above link.

Why is it called Bad Jungle Cruise Skipper?  The reason will become clear when you watch it.

#8 Mariachi Cobre Part One
View: 2672
This was the second Mariachi Cobre video I uploaded to YouTube.  This one takes place outdoors and is a little easier to watch than the original one.

#7 When You Know You Went to Mickey's Philharmagic Too Early In the Day
Views: 3107
This one was originally ended "Too Close to Rope Drop" but that name only made sense to the true Deeks so I tweaked it.  This is a short but funny video taken in Mickey's Philharmagic.

#6 The Haunted Mansion Stretching Room in 1080p
Views: 3195
This one is what it sounds like.  A short video of the famous pre-show in the Haunted Mansion.

#5 Mariachi Cobre - Epcot Mexico
Views: 4316
The first Mariachi Cobre video I captured.  This one was taken from inside the pavilion right next to the San Angel Inn.

#4 Overview of Carnival Miracle Stateroom 6260
Views: 4744
A detailed overview of a Vista Suite on the Carnival Miracle.

#3 Secrets St. James Junior Suite Overview
Views: 5095
A detailed overview of a very nice room in the all inclusive resort.

#2 Splash Mountain
Views: 6933
Splash Mountain in all it's glory.  This video was captured on a very nice day just after a major refurbishment. You don't get to see Splash Mountain in this kind of condition very often.

#1 Broke Splash Mountain
Views: 13,976
As you can see it's not even close.  This one blew up.  Sadly this one is the total opposite of the last video. I annotated all the broken things in the ride and sadly there were so many that I cold hardly catch all of them.

This one also generated the most comments of any video I posted.  To date there are 59 comments.

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