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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Movie Review: Frozen

Any animated feature that Disney released after Tangled was going to have a lot to live up to.  Tangled was a great movie and Disney hadn't hit that mark in quite a while.  With Frozen we get to find out if Tangled was a fluke or if Disney Animation is back on track.

About ten minutes before Frozen starts you get the feeling Disney Animation is back.  How?  Before Frozen is a Mickey Mouse short.  This short is great!  It's such a well done and creative cartoon that it will easily put a smile on your face.  What they do in this short is just awesome.  I'm not going to give anything away.  I'm just going to say that it ends miles from where it starts.

Frozen is proof that Disney Animation is on the right track.  It gives hope that Disney Animation is entering another golden age.   First of all the movie looks amazing.  The colors and design of the scenes are fantastic.

The story rivals Tangled.  I'm not going to say it's better but it's different.  Tangled reminded me of a Pixar film in the way it tugged at your heart.  Tangled tugs a little but it's story has some aspects to it that make it a unique Disney film.  The fact it ends up that way is almost shocking considering what happens only a few minutes into the movie.  I won't tell you what happens but something happens that should make you cry but might make you laugh and say "Well, this is a definitely a Disney movie."

The ending of this movie is great because it does not take the normal "princess movie" path.  This might have been a risk for Disney but it's a risk that pays out in spades. 

You can't talk about this movie and not mention the music.  Music often shows up in Disney films.  Try and think of an animated feature that does not have at least one song in it?  That's not an easy thing to do.  The music in this film is different.  In other films the music adds to the film but was optional in many ways.  In Frozen many of the musical parts make it feel like you are watching a Broadway show instead of an animated movie.  When the music hits it often relates major plot lines.  This movie would be broken without the music.

Overall Frozen is an amazing movie and should find itself fitting in with many of the Disney classics.  While this isn't going to make my top five Disney movies I could completely understand why this movie would make someones top five.

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