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Monday, January 14, 2013

MyMagic+ : What to Expect

What can you expect with the roll out of MyMagic+? I’m going to take this from the viewpoint of someone not staying on property like a local, annual pass holder, or vacationer on a non-Disney property.

1 – Longer waits – Why would you see longer waits?  Capacity on Disney attractions is not being increased.  This means those advanced reservations for rides are coming from one of two places; either fewer regular fast passes or a higher fast pass to queue ratio.  In either case the normal guest will end up waiting longer as fast passes run out faster or the queue moves slower.

2 – Shorter waits at the turnstile – Yes this is a benefit for non-MyMagic+ guests.  MyMagic+ guests will be hitting the RFID entrance.  That is supposed to be a faster form of entry.  This means fewer people hitting the turnstiles.  That should mean a shorter wait.

3 – Bummed out kids – It sounds like the long term plans are going to allow the RFIDs to trigger some special features within the parks.  This could bum your kids out big time.  Just imagine hearing “Why did Mickey know that other kid and not me?”  That could become a reality if your kid doesn’t have a Disney RFID.

4 – Wallets the new class distinction! – You know how you feel when someone in front of you at a store pays with a check?  Don’t even try to bug off that one you know how annoying it is.  You can’t help but wonder why anyone would use a check.  Guess what – if you don’t have an RFID reader the person behind you is feeling that about you!

5 – Less for you more for them – MyMagic+ is just starting.  You will see more features rolled out in time.  The odds of a non-resort guest being able to purchase any of those features does not seem likely.  Over the long haul you’ll see your park experience slowly deteriorate.

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