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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Why "Twisted Disney" Isn't On iTunes

If you are reading this blog there is a chance you have heard of or even read Twisted Disney.  If you have read it then you bought or downloaded it from Amazon. 

Currently Twisted Disney is only available in the .mobi format which is Amazon's Kindle format.  One of my friends said he wanted to download the book once it was available through iTunes.  He has been waiting six months and he'll be waiting a lot more.

Apple allows almost anyone to sign up and sell books.  They do not charge you any upfront fees to get started with them.  In fact I have an Apple account and it has been approved.  Everything is pretty much done.  So why isn't Twisted Disney on iTunes yet?

Apple requires all books on iTunes / iBooks to have an ISBN.  There is your problem.  Apple requires no upfront fees but to get an ISBN cost $125.  Considering Twisted Disney hasn't made that much in six months on Amazon it's safe to say it would never break even on iTunes. 

Unless Twisted Disney suddenly blow up I doubt I'll have the money to get it onto iTunes anytime soon.

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