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Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Splash Mountain Ride Experience Coming!

Within the next few weeks Disney is going to start offering a new Splash Mountain experience.

Everyone knows that Splash Mountain is currently an utter mess (check out the YouTube video Broke Splash Mountain). Disney has decided that instead of fixing the ride it makes more sense to change the entire ride experience.  The new experience will consist of waiting in the standard queue but changes once you get to the boarding area.  Now guests will only be allowed to sit in the front row of the log.  Once seated the cast member operating the ride will push a button which will cause an overhead bucket of dirty water to tip over and drench both riders.  Next a cast member who was hiding in the second row of the log will pop up and punch each guest in the side of the head with a gloved hand.  At the moment of impact a ride photo will be taken and made available for purchase.

“Instead of figuratively punching people by offering a sub standard ride with numerous broken aspects we decided just to go ahead and punch them instead,” stated a Disney cast member assigned to Splash Mountain.

Many of the guests and cast members who have experienced the new version of the ride have hailed it as an improvement over the broken, run down version.

One guest stated, “I think it’s great!  You still get wet with the same old smelly gross water but now you save a lot of time and annoyance.  It’s more pleasant to get punched in the face than sit through the broken version of the ride.  Also the new ride photos are really funny.  The timing of the photo is perfect.  Everyone’s face is all mashed up and the water is flying off their head.  They are great!”

The new ride experience is expected to drastically cut the wait time of the ride.  The average wait time is expected to be under 15 minutes once the changes are in place.

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