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Monday, April 30, 2012

600 Posts - Tranforming

It took a lot longer to get to get through the last one hundred posts.  The main reason for this was that my Disney flame burned out.  For me Disney changed from the best vacation on Earth into an expensive, overpriced tourist trap.  I've gone into details in previous posts so I won't go into here.

You can see the results as you go through these topics.  They go from almost exclusively Disney to a few Disney and a lot of regular travel posts.

Here is the last 100.

Post #501
The Hoop Dee Doo Review: Which Category Should You Pick?
I breakdown the different categories at the Hoop Dee Doo Review in this post.

Post #502
Photo of the Week - Big Thunder Mountain Sepia
A nice photo of BTM.

Post #503
Photo of the Week - Upside Down Waterfall at Night
A nice night photo of the Imagination Pavilion.

Post #504
Jiko – Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Hidden Gem
My review of one of the best restaurants in Disney World.

Post #505
Discovery Island Today
An overview of Discovery Island and some recent photos of it.

Post #506
Two New Videos Posted
I post a couple of new videos to YouTube.

Post #507
CMDTA's Disney Year End Review
My overview of 2011

Post #508
Why WDW Today Is Ending After 1000 Episodes
A funny post about WDW Today ending.

Post #509
Photo of the Week: The Imagination Pavilion at Night
A nice, slightly over exposed, nighttime photo of the Imagination Pavilion

Post #510
New Videos - The Haunted Mansion in 1080p
Two new videos of the Haunted Mansion.

Post #511
Dining Review: Princess Storybook Dining
A nice review of a popular dining location.

Post #512
Photos of the Week: I See You!
Some fun photos from Animal Kingdom.

Post #513
New Video Posted: Good Skipper on the Jungle Cruise
A video of a good skipper on the Jungle Cruise.

Post #514
New Video Posted - Main Street Philharmonic
A fun video of an overlooked gem in the Magic Kingdom.

Post #515
New Video Posted: Malestrom
A video of the old school boat dark ride in the Norway pavilion.

Post #516
Photos of the Week: Where Did I Put My Blanket?
A funny photo of a gorilla and his blanket.

Post #517
New Video Posted: Spaceship Earth in 1080p
A video of a classic ride.

Post #518
A Final Ride on Snow White
A Good bye to snow white.

Post #519
Dining Review: Teppan Edo
My review of the Epcot dining location.

Post #520
Dining Review: Hugo's Cellar
I do a review of a classic Las Vegas restaurant.

Post #521
Photo of the Week: Cat Nap
A nice photo of a tiger at Animal Kingdom.

Post #522
Photo of the Week - Festival of the Lion King
A cool photo of the Animal Kingdom stage show.

Post #523
Dining Review: Les Chefs de France
A detailed overview of the Epcot dining location.

Post #524
Disney Changes Security Policies After Pepper Spray Incident
A fake news story about security at the Disney theme parks.

Post #525
Photo of the Week - Star Burst
A nice fireworks photo.

Post #526
Dining Review: Le Cellier
A review of the popular dining location.

Post #527
Photo of the Week - Illuminations
A cool photo of fireworks.

Post #528
New Disney Book Available - Twisted Disney: Satire and Shenanigans
The official announcement of my first book.

Post #529
Get "Twisted Disney" for Free Starting Tomorrow
A promotion where you could obtain a copy of Twisted Disney for free.

Post #530
Twisted Disney Breaks the Top Ten!
 Giving away the book worked better than I thought.

Post #531
Dining Review: Momma Melrose's
A dining review of Disney Hollywood Studios hidden gem.

Post #532
Photo of the Week: Fireworks Meets the Electric Water Pageant at the Polynesian
A great photo of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Polynesian.

Post #533
Dining Review: Breakfast at the Kona Cafe
My review of the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian.

Post #534
New Video Posted: The Tiki Room in 1080p
A decent video of the Tiki Room.

Post #535
New Video Posted: 2011 Disney World Montage!
A great video of a bunch of Disney World clips all mashed together to some fun music.

Post #536
Disney Announces New Photo Pass System!
My first mostly fake news story in a long time.

Post #537
Photo of the Week: France During Food and Wine
A cool HDR photo that shows how crowded it can be during Food and Wine.

Post #538
Dining Review: Ohana Character Breakfast
My review of a decent character breakfast.

Post #539
Photo of the Week: Run Indy Run!
A cool photo from the Indian Jones Stunt Show.

Post #540
Photo of the Week: Blow Up the Red Cross
A photo from the Indiana Jones Stunt show.

Post #541
Fantasmic: A Review
My review of the much beloved nighttime show.

Post #542
Videos From 1990
I found and share some videos from the 1990s.

Post # 543
Twisted Disney: The John Carter of Books
Yes it's true. Twisted Disney is a total failure.

Post #544
Photo of the Week: Where Am I?
A picture of a statue that you might need to think about to figure out where in Disney World it's located.

Post #545
Free Copies of Twisted Disney Available
Most likely the last post I'll do about the failure known as Twisted Disney.

Post #546
Movie Review: The Avengers
My review of the mega hit movie.

Post #547
Photo of the Week: Sunset Over Baylake
A sunset shot of the Grand Floridian.

Post #548
Photo of the Week: The Haunted Mansion
A black and white photo of the Haunted Mansion.

Post #549
Country Bear Jamboree to be Overhauled
A fake news story about an insane overhaul.

Post #550
Walking to the Theme Park
An overview of the resorts that are withing walking distance of the theme parks.

Post #551
New Splash Mountain Ride Experience Coming!
A funny story about a Splash Mountain overhaul.

Post #552
Photo of the Week - Stinking Holiday Decorations!
A photo from Main Street USA.

Post #553
Photo of the Week - Indiana Jones Stunt
A fun photo from the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

Post #554
Disney's 5.6 Billion Dollar Gamble
I react to ESPN's announcement that they extended their contract with MLB.

Post #555
The Importance of Food and Drink
Some helpful tips for your next Disney Vacation.

Post #556
Photo of the Week - View From the Top
A view of Cinderella's Castle from the top of the Contemporary.

Post #557
Booze To Be Served In the Magic Kingdom!
Not a joke post.  Some real Disney news this time.

Post #558
Why "Twisted Disney" Isn't On iTunes
Amazon = Free.  Apple = $125

Post #559
The Avengers Blu-Ray Review
My review of the new Blu-Ray release.

Post #560
New Video Posted: How to Shear a Sheep Cira 1700
A new YouTube video of how to shear a sheep with blades instead of clippers.

Post #561
Strawberry Banke's Fallfest
An overview of a great take on the classic New England fair.

Post #562
CMDTA on Vacation - Secrets St. James - Day One
An overview of day one of my vacation.

Post #563
CMDTA on Vacation - Secrets Jamaica Day Two
Day two of an all inclusive vacation.

Post #564
CMDTA On Vacation: Secrets Day Three and Four
Sting Rays and Lion Fish...Oh My!

Post #565
CMDTA On Vacation: Secrets Jamaica Day Five and Six
Cats, Jerk Chicken, and Mexican Food

Post #566
New Video Posted: What Jamaica Sounds Like At Night
A cool video of the sounds of Jamaica at night.

Post #567
New Video Posted: Secrets Junior Suite Overview
If you are thinking about booking a Junior Suite at Secrets make sure you check out this video.

Post #568
Secrets Private Seaside Dining Review
A review of Secrets private dining package.

Post #569
MyMagic+ : What to Expect
A few facts and guesses about the long term impact of MyMagic+

Post #570
Photo of the Week: Flower and Graden Photo Tips
Some tips for the upcoming Flower and Garden Festival.

Post #571
More Executive Changes
A list of insane executive changes.

Post #572
Disney Cruise Line vs. Royal Caribbean
How different could they be?

Post #573
Taking My Ears Off
Why I haven't been back to the World.

Post #574
Disney Legend Annette Funicello Has Died
Sad news about a Disney superstar.

Post #575
For Boston
No overview needed.

Post #576
Tourist Dies During the Flower and Garden Festival
Yes it's a fake news story.

Post #577
A New Kind of Disney Guide Book
The official announcement for my upcoming guide book.

Post #578
What To Do When Your Child Is Afraid of a Ride
I also cover what not to do.

Post #579
When Is CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World Being Released?
An overview of upcoming books.

Post #580
Book Review:  From Dreamer to Dreamfinder
A book review of book by Ron Schneider

Post #581
New Video: A Brief History of Herbs
My first new YouTube video in a long time.

Post #582
"World" Killer Now Available on Kindle
Book one of the DW Mysteries is now out.

Post #583
Upcoming Topics
A list of some of the things that are coming soon.

Post #584
New Video Posted: Royal Caribbean Grandeur Grand Suite in 1080p
Another room review. These tend to be very popular videos.

Post #585
New Video Posted: Baltimore Departure
A nice video of the cruise ship departure from Baltimore.

Post #586
First Reviews for "World" Killer Are In: Four Five Star Reviews
An overview of the first four "World" Killer reviews.

Post #587
Top Ten Videos
The most viewed videos that I have posted to YouTube.

Post #588
Tablet Buying Guide
I do an overview of all the major tablets, give pros and cons, and recommend who should buy them.

Post #589
Royal Caribbean Grandeur Grand Suite Review
A written review of a grand suite.

Post #590
Movie Review: Frozen
I see the newest Disney Animation release.

Post #591
CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World Now Available On Kindle
I finally finish off the guide book.

Post #592
Review of Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas
A detailed review of the Grandeur of the Seas.

Post #593
The Official CMDTA Store Is Now Open
I setup a store with all sorts of swag on it.

Post #594
Free Books!
A freebie promotion on Amazon.

Post #595
1st Draft of Around the "World" Is Complete
Info about the sequel to World Killer.

Post #596
I give a blog update.

Post #597
The Crystal Caves of Bermuda
An overview of a unique attraction.

Post #598
Dining Review: Aureole - Mandalay Bay - Las Vegas
I compare Aureole to Narcoossee's and Hugo's Cellar.

Post #599
Review: Suncoast Casio - Las Vegas
A review of a cheap option in Vegas.

Post #600
Calling All Deeks!  Old School Disney World Videos!
A bunch of old school Disney World Videos

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