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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Disney Book Available - Twisted Disney: Satire and Shenanigans

Twisted Disney: Satire and Shenanigans is now available for the Kindle e-reader.  The book is basically a “best of” from this blog with additional commentary about each of the articles.

This is my first book and if it goes well I have two more in the works.  The next book would be my guide to Disney dining and the third book would be a pictorial guide to Disney World.

Right now the book is only available for the Kindle.  If anyone actually buys the book I might try to convert it to an epub format and see if I can get it released through iTunes.

Please forgive me for the quality.  I did everything myself so I don’t doubt that there are a few (or more) typos and grammar errors.  Also I couldn’t get the table of contents to work but other than that it seems to be fine.

The price is 2.99 and for that you get over 100 (actual)pages of Disney madness.  The mobi format clocked in at over 2000.

You can download the book from Amazon here.

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