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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dining Review: Teppan Edo

Disney World has almost countless dining options.  Somehow you have to pick between them all.  Just as important Disney has to find a way to get you to them or else they will lose money. 

Teppan Edo is a sit down dining location in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot.  Japan has two different sit down dining locations.  One, Tokyo Dining, is a typical dining location. The other, Teppan Edo, is not.  Teppan Edo is where they cook the food in front of you.  Beyond that they try to do a little entertaining while they are doing it. 

To get a feel for what really happens or what they are trying to do check out this video.


The service at Teppan Edo is...different.  You will have someone take your order and deliver your drink but that's about all they do.  After they do that the next thing they do is bring the bill.  In the meantime the chef is in charge of everything and he is always there.

The food at Teppan Edo is decent.  There are some fun options but you might feel disappointed.  Why? Because nothing stands out.  The food you get does not does equate to the price you pay.  Now in many Disney restaurants Disney makes up for the price you pay with atmosphere or entertainment.  In the case of Teppan Edo they try to make up the price with entertainment but is it worth it?

The entertainment at Teppan Edo isn't bad if you have not been to a Teppan Edo restaurant before.  If you have you might realize that what Disney offers is really amateurish.

I live in NH.  There is a Teppan Edo restaurant about an hour from my house.  This restaurant is much, much cheaper than the one in Disney World. The food is better and the show is ten times better.  To put it simply.  If you have ever been to any Teppan Edo...or Mongolian grill for that matter.   You will not be impressed by this Disney dining location.

After everything you are better off going to the following dining locations in Epcot before Teppan Edo.  Keep this in mind if the other locations are sold out.  This list is in order of how I'd recommend them  and it only includes the locations I've eaten at. 

Chefs De France
Garden Grill
San Angel Inn
Le Cellier
The restaurant in Morocco

If all these are booked then I'd say go to Teppan Edo.

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