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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dining Review: Les Chefs de France

Les Chefs de France is the ground floor dining location in the France Pavilion at Epcot. It’s setup like a classic French restaurant. From the lighting to the location it’s really meant to make you feel like you are in France.

If you have never tried this dining location here is why you should give it a shot the next time you are in Disney World.

The Food: The food at Les Chefs de France is excellent. In fact it’s some of the best food I’ve found in Epcot. Of course there are some standout items like the French onion soup and the crème brulee. I normally make an effort to try something different each time I go to a restaurant but in this case I always have to order those two items.

There are some other odd items on the menu you might not really associate with French food such as the flat breads. It would be a mistake to skip over these. They are unlike the other flat breads you can find throughout Disney. They are distinctly French in flavor and worth a try.

As far as the main entrees go I’d recommend the short ribs, the tenderloin, the salmon, or the roasted chicken. I have a hard time recommending the scallops considering how expensive they are. I also have a hard time recommending the duck after my horrible duck experiences in Disney World. However next time I go I might bite the bullet and try it at Les Chefs de France.

Why would I be so daring?

I’ve eaten at Les Chefs de France multiple times. Unlike a number of Disney restaurants the food has been of the same quality every time I have eaten here. No matter why I order here it is consistently good. Only a handful of other Disney dining locations have pulled this feat off. Sadly it seems like more often than not the quality at most dining locations changes from year to year or even month to month.

The Atmosphere: The atmosphere is good by normal restaurant standards and average by Disney standards. The numerous windows looking out onto World Showcase are nice and it is fun to people watch as you enjoy your meal. Other than that nothing really positive stands out but there are a few drawbacks. Everyone is packed in tight. This is another location where Disney tried to pack as many tables as possible in to make the most money. The table clutter has naturally led to another issue. This location can be noisy at times.

The Service: The service here is somewhat stuffy. Don’t get me wrong it’s not bad service. The best way to describe it would be “French” service. In France most waiters have had formal and intensive training. It’s considered a serious career in France. This leads to a very formal style of service. If you are expecting a friendly, bubbly, server you will be disappointed. If you are expecting someone who makes sure everything is taken care of in a prompt manner you will love the service here.

Overall: Overall Les Chefs de France is one of the best dining locations in Epcot. I would also go as far as saying it could be in the top ten dining locations in Disney World. It’s a location that everyone should try at least once.

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