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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photos of the Week: I See You!

Most people blow through the nature trails at the Animal Kingdom without really stopping to see the animals.  The big cats really are not that fun.  They normally just lay around.  The really fun animals are the offbeat animals.  Some of them have some real tude. This photo shows what I mean.  When you hit this enclosure there is always someone keeping watch.  

Now for some info on why the photos look different.  I wasn't paying attention.  I had set bracketing for a previous photo (bracketing is when you set a range for photos.  The first would be normal exposure, the second under exposed, and the third over exposed.  This is used for HDR photography).  This resulted in some photos under and some over exposed.

Now when you over expose a photo you really can't do all that much to fix it.  Darkening the photo doesn't help.  Once a section of a photo registers as white it cannot be saved. 

If a photo is too dark you can normally lighten it a little. The first photo is an example of this. That's also why the background is greener that the other photos. 

The last photo is an example an over exposed photo that has been corrected as much as it can be.

The second photo is the one that was taken in a normal exposure. 

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