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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Hoop Dee Doo Review: Which Category Should You Pick?

The Hoop Dee Doo Review is the best dinner show in Disney World.  It's goofy humor, great atmosphere, and decent food have made it a fan favorite for over thirty years.

Like most things Disney the Hoop Dee Doo Review has different categories.  In this case there are three different categories.  Category one are the tables closest to the stage.  Category two is a little further back and consists of most of the floor.  Category three are a few tables with obstructed views and the second floor.

For category one the the price is rather high considering what you get.  You get a great view but it's hard to justify the increase in price.  Also you cannot book category one if you are on the dining plan.

Category two is a nice balance between what you get and what you pay.  your view can be very good depending on where you end up.  Also if you book the latest showing you can use two dining plan credits.  Here are a couple of examples of the view you get from a category two seating. You can click the photo to see a larger version.

It's hard to argue against a category three seating.  If money is a consideration then do not hesitate to book a category three.  The Hoop Dee Doo actors go all through out pioneer hall.  Just because you are in the back or on the second floor does not mean you are left out of the fun.  You still get a great amount of entertainment and the service is just as good if not better than than the other categories.  I don't know if it's the location or what but when we booked a category three we got the best service we ever got at the Hoop Dee Doo.  Here are a couple of examples of the kind of view you get from a category three seating.

Now if you are concerned that the photos are zoomed in then check out this video.  It's not zoomed in and it gives you an idea of what the view is like.

Now for the bad of a category three - it's really uncomfortable.  If you are on the second floor they put you on seats that swing around so you can see.  This sounds good but you are packed in so close to the people next to you and the table that you cannot swing all the way around.  To see you have to turn as far as you can go and the crank your back and neck around to see.  When you book a category two you do not run into this. 

So there are the three different categories.  No matter what one you pick you get a great experience.

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