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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dining Review: Yak and Yeti

My original review of Yak and Yeti, "Yak Yack and Yeti" was one of my harshest dining reviews.  I have to be honest though Yak and Yeti earned that awful review.  In fact it could have done so again if I hadn't changed up what I ordered.

The atmosphere at Yak and Yeti isn't bad.  It's above your average restaurant but it's a little lacking when compared to Disney standards.  The atmosphere is created by the use of a lot of Asian themed decorations and a somewhat open central atrium.  The problem with the atmosphere lies in the restaurant layout.  I just always feel like the tables are packed it.  In some ways it feels like a run of the mill restaurant.  I can't explain why I get this feeling.  There is just something inside that building that under whelms me.

I do know one thing that might ruin the atmosphere for me.  The small advertisements for Yak and Yeti's parent company blow the theme for me.  You just don't find this in a Disney restaurant.  If you do not know what I am talking about, Yak and Yeti is not owned by Disney.  Yak and Yeti is owned by the same company that owns the Rainforest Cafe and the T-Rex restaurant.

The service at Yak and Yeti was average for a Disney restaurant.  It wasn't amazing but the cast member was friendly enough. Our food was delivered quickly and the cast member checked in a few times to make sure everything was good.

The food at Yak and Yeti was better than last time but that's not saying all that much.  One thing that really stands out is are the fried green beans.  These are amazing.  I could eat these with every meal.  However, AVOID the pot stickers they are chewy and rubbery.  Not good at all.

When it comes to your main course avoid the duck at all costs.  Also avoid the ribs because they are a total disappointment.  The wok items are not bad.  I got the honey chicken and it was decent.  One problem with it was the fact that I couldn't help but think I could easily get it at home for less and it would also be better.

When it comes to desert Yak and Yeti hits a home run with the fried wantons.  I know they are such a simple food but they are really good.

One are where Yak and Yeti really excels is it's drinks.  Yak and Yeti has the best frozen drinks in Disney World.  The Yak Attack is one that really stands out.

If you want to have an amazing experience at Yak and Yeti do the following: Have an app of fried green beans, skip the main course, have some fried won tons, and order a drink.  You'll spend a lot less and have a better experience. 

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