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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo of the Week - The Haunted Mansion at Night

The Haunted Mansion at night is creepy but how can you make it creepier?  First - DO NOT switch your camera to black and white.  You can always convert a photo to black and white but you can't convert a black and white to color. 

Next - bust out the tripod.  Your going to put your camera on the dial that says "S." This is the shutter priority mode.  What this means is you can tell your camera how long to expose the shot and it will do the rest of the work. 

Now set your exposure to at least 1 second.  The reason for this is simple. Anyone who walks into the shot is going to show up as a ghostly blur. 

Now there is another way to pull this off but it requires a very high end camera.  When you set a long exposure the camera compensates by by using a lower ISO.  A low ISO like 100 has little to no noise.  When you speed up the ISO you see more and more noise.  The better the camera the higher you can push the ISO without noise.

If you have a mid range SLR camera you could pull off to 1600 ISO with low noise.  This means you can set your camera to a "multiple exposure" mode.  This means your camera will take two shots and combine them.  If you time it right everyone will be in focus but see through. 

Anyways no matter how you do it the effect is a cool photo.

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