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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo of the Week - Bay Lake at Sunset

If you are wondering how you can capture this photo there it's a multi step process.  First you need a camera that does bracketing.  If you do not have that you need to set your camera to take a normal exposure for the first photo, under exposed for the second, and over exposed for the third. 

Next you will need some kind of HDR photo software.  What this software does is take all three of your photos and merges them.  It takes the master and layers the extra info from the bright sections from your under exposed and the extra info from the dark sections from the over exposed image.  In theory this provides an image that is much closer to what you actually saw in person.

Most people think HDR isn't natural because they have never seen photos like that.  In truth the human eye can see a lot more high and low tones than a camera can capture.  Using HDR allows you to capture more of those tones that you are seeing.

It is true that sometimes HDR photos can take on a strange look but in some cases they are still closer to what you really saw then a conventional photo.

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