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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Len Testa is Real

The Yeti, ghosts, the boogie man, and Len Testa.  All of these mythical creatures have existed in folklore and legend but there has never been any solid evidence of any of them until now.

Late on Saturday afternoon the ever elusive "Len Testa" was not just spotted but photographed in his natural environment.  Notice his distinct "t" marking that separates him from the other wild animals in back of Epcot.

In this rare photo we also see that the "Len Testa" has taken a woman hostage.  You can tell by the fear clearly written on her face that she is terrified and desperately wants to escape the clutches of this dangerous specimen.

It is believed that the L.T. was lured to the rear of Epcot by the myriad of smells from the Food and Wine Festival.  However, there is one smell that the L.T. appears to have been following.

When this photo was taken the L.T. was seen heading in the direction of Mexico.  As all L.T. hunters know it's favorite consumable, mass quantities of tequila, can be found there.

Be forewarned for the next few days you could run into a L.T. in any of the parks in Disney World.  The only safe zone will be on Sunday at the Hollywood Studios.  The L.T.s natural enemy, the rarely spotted "Matticakes Hochberg" is expected to be roaming that park.

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