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Friday, September 30, 2011

Forty Years of Magic

It's been forty years since the Magic Kingdom opened it's gates and changed the world forever.  Some people think it's an over statement to say that Disney World changed the world and they would be wrong.

Before Disney World opened there was nothing like it.  Disney Land was near LA.  People could visit Hollywood, LA, and Disney Land in a group.  On the other hand Orlando was a small town in the middle of Florida.  Unless you had business there you just didn't go there.

Disney World proved that people would go to the middle of nowhere if you built something worth seeing.  Not only that those people would stay there.

Over the last forty years a lot of things have happened at Disney World.  Richard Nixon uttered the famous "I'm not a crook" line at the Contemporary.  John Lennon signed the documents that officially broke up the Beatles at the Poly.  We could go on for hours just about all of the historic things that have happened at Disney World.

Disney World has become a virtual rite of passage for children around the world.  Disney has done everything to try and convince people that they need to go to Disney to have a normal childhood.  Disney has done everything to prove this.  They did a big shindig for the tenth anniversary.  They did a massive promotion for the 15th anniversary (I know I was there.  I even won a hat!).  They did an even bigger event for the 25th anniversary (I know I was there for that too).   For forty years they...had a one day party?!?

I'll be honest I wouldn't expect a big party for forty years.  Who really celebrates forty years? Fifty sure but forty? 

The only reason Disney would celebrate forty years would be to match what they have done in the past.  I mean fifteen years is an even bigger stretch.  In the past if Disney had a reason to celebrate they did.  Why?  MONEY!!! 

To be honest I'm shocked Disney didn't try to blow this anniversary out of the water.  Why not?  You might just get a few more people in the park.  

If you are really disappointed that Disney didn't do an all out bash for the 40th just wait a little while.  In a few years we'll get to enjoy the 50th.  That will be something to remember.

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