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Friday, September 16, 2011

Donald Duck Involved in Terrible Misunderstanding

Donald Duck is recuperating tonight after being mistaken for a mallard duck.

For an upcoming roll in which he plays a mallard duck; Donald had been preparing by dressing up like a mallard and seeing if he can go about without being noticed.

Mallard ducks are an invasive species to central Florida and in an effort to curb their spread Disney has a policy of capturing and neutering mallards found on property. 

This afternoon while visiting the Animal Kingdom, some cast members caught Donald and brought him to the Conservation Station where he was knocked out and operated on.

"This was just a terrible misunderstanding.  The cast members that caught Donald really thought he was a freakish large mallard duck," stated an unnamed Disney spokesperson.

It appears that the cast members in question did not react to Donald's cries of protest.  Apparently they could not understand him.  In fact one of the cast members involved in the capture, Goofy, freely admitted this fact. "I've know Donald for decades.  When he gets excited you can't understand a word he says.  I truly believe this is his fault.  You'd have to be dumber than I am to dress up like a mallard in Disney World."

Donald could not be reached for comment but is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.

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