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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Disney On A Dime - Where to Stay

Families that want to go to Disney but consist of more than four members often run into a very difficult situation.  Value resorts really cannot handle more than four people.  In fact fitting four people into a value resort room is a challenge.  Moderates are a little better but five is really tight.  A deluxe resort would do but it's so expensive.

The other issue you run into is the extra fee.  For each person beyond double occupancy Disney likes to tack on a decent fee per person. This fee can make a deluxe impossible and a moderate seem over priced.  What can you do?  In most cases getting two rooms isn't a option.

What if I told you that you can fit six people into a spacious room with a separate bedroom with no per person fee?  What if I also told you it's on property and does not involve renting points off of a DVC member? Oh...and it costs the same as a moderate.

No I'm not crazy.  At least not that kind of crazy.  The room in question is cabin at Fort Wilderness.  Now these are great rooms that include a kitchenette, bunk beds, murphy bed and double bed.  They easily fit six and if you have an infant you could most likely fit seven.

The cabins are spaced out enough that noise isn't an issue unless you are near a bus stop and they can be really dark at night. 

Fort Wilderness also has some of the best recreation of any resort.   It has a lot of options that no other resort offers.  It also has the best dinner show on property in the Hoop Dee Doo, an on site trading post, and boat transportation to the Magic Kingdom.

Granted Fort Wilderness has a confusing internal bus system and it can be a process getting to some of the parks.  However I will say that it's still one of the best values you can find on Disney property.  I'm not just saying this.  I myself had stayed in the cabins many times and on at least four occasions have stayed in a cabin with a total of six people.

All I can say to close this out is hurry up and stay there before Disney finds out and wrecks it for us.

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