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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Annual CMDTA Disney Podcast Awards

Every year or when I get around to it I do my annual Disney podcast awards. Like my blog my awards tend to be...different.

Here are this years awards:

Best Disney Podcast for People Who Don't Like Disney - Netcot

Netcot was a shoe in for this award. There hasn't been a Netcot episode since November so therefore anyone who doesn't like Disney would love it.

Best weekly news report in a Disney Podcast - Inside the Magic

Ricky does a consistently good job each and every week of nailing the all the Disney news.  Others try to do the news but no one does it quite as well.

Least Critical Podcast - WDW Radio Show

On the WDW Radio Show the sun is always out, the food is never crappy or overpriced.

Most Critical Disney Podcast - The DIS Unplugged

This isn't a bad thing.  This is honest criticism that most people would understand.  When Pete goes on a rant it's normally for a very good reason.

Nerdiest Disney Podcast - Betamouse

This one isn't even close.  Betamouse is for Nerds and by nerds.  They cover the stuff you won't hear anywhere else.

Deekiest Podcast - WDWNT Podcast

No one goes into greater detail on more obscure Disney history than this podcast.  This podcast is do deeky that even some deeks think it's too deeky.

The Disney Podcast for Beginners - WDW Today

You ask they matter how many times they have already answered the same question.  No one is more welcoming that the crazy odd couple like cast at WDW Today.

Disney Podcast Most Likely to Predict the Disney Future - Magical Definations

Jim Hill has connections and he's not afraid to use them to leak all sorts or crazy info of give you the back story to what is going on.

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