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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Disney Announces Brazilian Tour Group Day

After years of people complaining about the Brazilian tour groups Disney has decided to do something about it.  In a surprising move Disney has announced official Brazilian Tour Group Days.

On the specified days Disney will turn into BTG central.  No one will be allowed into the parks unless they are part of a group of at least 20, dress in clothes that are far too tight and leave nothing to the imagination, have an official flag baring tour guide, and promise to make lots of noise and send one person into a line to hold the spot for the rest of the group.

"BTGs have become a near cultural icon at Disney World.  By giving them their own days we hope that more people will come and blow all of their money here in Disney World," stated Disney's official spokes-animal on the matter the talking donkey from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Creating the special days is expected to draw large crowds of new groups and local teenage boys who want to come and gawk at all the scantily clad girls at the water parks.

The new days are expected to be announced sometime next week.  Once the days are announced Touring Plans will update their crowd calendar followed by Disney updating their official calendar sometime before the dates actually happen.

If you can't tell already this is a fake new story.

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