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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegas Releases Odds For Next Unofficial Guide Cover

Because everyone knows you should be able to place a bet on anything Vegas released odds for the next Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2012.

Primeval Whirl - odds 2-1
After being the first crappy attraction to appear not once but twice on the cover Primeval Whirl is the front runner.

Mission Space - odds 5-1
Normally Mission Space would not be a front runner but the last two years have shown us that the crappier the ride the better the odds of getting on the cover.

Spaceship Earth at night - odds 7-1
The first attraction that would actually make sense.

Pioneer Hall - odds - 100-1
Some experts feel that the time has come for a non-park icon to be used on the cover.

An overweight person on a scooter - odds - 200-1
What better could representative could you find of modern day Disney?

The Tequila Bar in Mexico - odds 1-10
Insiders say that one of the Unofficial Co-authors will pull rank and put his favorite location on the cover.

Len Testa - odds - 10,000-1
Hey it might happen by accident some day.

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