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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo of the Week - CMDTA on Vacation - Sunset at Sea

This is my first non-Disney photo of the week.  It is a travel photo though.  This was taken far out to sea during sunset.  If you want to capture this you'll need to do the following.  First you'll need to put your camera on sunset mode.  This will actually darken the photo a little but it will make the colors more intense.  Next you need to zoom in.  This photo is at a zoom of about x28.  Next you should use a tripod.  It's really hard to keep a camera steady when you are zoomed in like that. If you don't a have a tripod you can use a railing, trashcan, or other flat surface.  Finally you should use a polarized filter.  This doesn't really darken the photo all that much what it does it cut down your glare. You can get one on Amazon for about ten dollars or get a pack of three different filters for less than twenty.

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