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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Disney Announces New "Gold Rooms" At the Grand Floridian

In a move that shocked no one Disney announced last week that they will be overhauling some of their rooms at the Grand Floridian to a new gold theme.

The some of the existing rooms will be completely stripped and and replaced with solid 24k gold.

"We're not talking about gold fixtures or any low end stuff like that.  We are talking about everything in the room being made out of 24k gold.  From the beds to the toilet it's going to be gold!"explained the imagineer heading up the over haul, Scrooge McDuck.

The new rooms are expected to have rack rates starting at $152,000 a night.

"The expected rates are actually a great value when you consider the rooms have a monetary value of 52 million a piece," explained originator of the idea Dopey Dwarf.

Some have criticized the plan bringing light to the fact that gold beds would be very uncomfortable and that such rooms would only be accessible to the super rich.  In response Scrooge McDuck explained "So what?  We only care about the super rich.  The other people don't pay the bills and raise the value of our stock.  Just one of these valued guests is worth three to four hundred of our standard guests."

The new rooms are expected to be open for booking by the end of June for stays starting in November.

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