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Friday, April 8, 2011

Disney Announces New Theme Parks

Now that the new Shanghai Disney press conference is over Disney has announced plans for additional theme park resorts.

"With better than expected interest in our new Shanghai location we decided the time was perfect to announce further theme parks.  After all it's best to strike while the iron is hot," stated Disney's head of corporate expansion, the Big Bad Wolf.

The new locations announced today are all in areas that Disney views as "expansionary" areas which some experts dispute.

"Mogadishu, Baghdad, and Kabul are hardly "expansionary" areas.  To call those three places third world cesspools would be to compliment them," explained Universal's resident expert King Kong.

Disney is expected to involve local culture and history in the creation of all three parks.  For example at Mogadishu you'll  be able to ride on a new thrill ride "Pirates of Somalia."  Baghdad Disney will include an educational Circle Vision 360 film entitled "Oil - Why People Live in the Desert."  In Kabul Disney guests will be able to enjoy the thrilling 3D movie "101 Fun Facts About Opium."

The new theme parks are expected to open by the fall of 2199 and a one day ticket based on inflation and Disney's current pricing history should be around $32,000.

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