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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why Can’t You Swim in the Lakes?

Most people who visit Disney World spend their time in the parks, shopping, dining, or a number of other activities.  However you won’t find anyone swimming in the lakes.   In fact you will actually find signs that tell you to stay out of the water. 

Why can’t you swim in the lakes?

There is no one reason; there is actually a lot of reasons.

First of all, the lakes in Disney World see a lot of boat traffic.  Disney does what they can to keep the water clean but pollution still happens.  Between fuel, oil, and other stuff the water isn’t as clean as you’d like.  Another issue on that level is how the lakes are fed.  There are two major types of lakes – spring fed and runoff fed.  Spring fed lakes are some of the cleanest lakes in the world. Runoff lakes are not the cleanest.  Runoff lakes pick up everything on the way and dump it in one place.

Next you have wild life. All the birds relieving themselves in the water are actually the least of your worries in this category.  The two you need to look out for are alligators and copperheads (also known as water moccasins).  Alligators normally only bother you if you bother them or stumble onto them.  As you know a bite from an alligator is not fun.  It normally isn’t fatal but if they nick an artery you’re in trouble.  Copperheads are in many ways the worse of the two.  They are a poisonous snake found in many parts of the U.S. Normally their bite won’t kill a grown up.  However for seniors, children, and those in frail health that snake bite can easily prove fatal.

The final issue is only a major worry in the summer.  In stagnant lakes with lots of leaf litter on the bottom a certain amoeba can flourish.  During the colder months it’s rather inactive.  During the summer it activates.  This amoeba isn’t a problem unless you accidentally get water up your nose.  Every year there are a few cases where this happens and someone ends up fighting for their life in the hospital.  This amoeba gets up your nose and starts to flourish.  Its food is what is in your head if you catch my drift.  Yes it eats your brain and can kill you.

So now you know why to stay out of the water in Disney World.

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