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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walt Disney and Salvador Dali: Oddest Couple Ever?

If you've never heard of Destino don't be surprised not many people have.  Destino was a film short that was created by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali.  No I didn't make that up they actually did a project together.

I'd never heard of this combo from the Twilight Zone until I saw a brochure advertising a showing.  At first I did what everyone else does when they heard about the clean cut Walt and the...demented Salvador working together. I reacted in disbelief.  Then I realized I had to check this thing out.

After watching Destino I was even more confused.  It's an animated feature but it's possibly the most twisted Disney related film I have ever seen.  This short is full of bizarre animations and stylized artwork.  That should really be no surprise if you know anything about Dali but I thought Disney would counter him a little. 

The other odd thing is the history of Destino.  I think it might just hold the record for production time.  58 years.  I'm not kidding from beginning to end it took Destino 58 years to be released.  It was started in 1945 but because of financial woes it was shelved because it was considered not financially viable.

How did it find the light of day again?  To make a long story short - Roy E. Disney found it and kick started it. Thanks to him it was released in 2003.

If you want to see Destino I'm sure you could find clips of it online somewhere but I have to warn you.  Do not have any young children around when you see it.  In one of the scenes someones face melts off.

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